About Us:

Goal of Micro Line Hobbies is to bring unique performance parts for the Losi Micro SCT and possibly other R/C products.

About me:

My background is mechanism design engineer. Over the past few years, I have done numerous designs for PN Racing. Each new design has helped to increased the speed and performance of the mini-z racer. Some of the designs include the 94mm mid motor mount. This low center of gravity mount has increased cornering speed of this competitive wheelbase. You will find this motor mount installed in pretty much all the top racer's cars at the World Cup races. The A-Arm suspension for the MR02 was also revolutionary. It gave it unheard of cornering capability with its camber gain geometry. Majority of top world cup racers uses this suspension. Another ground breaking design, the A-Arm suspension for the AWD Mini-Z was the "can't be done" suspension. Having the advantage of an A-Arm suspension in the compact AWD layout was unheard of before.

The goal of MicroLineHobbies will be the same as other previous designs. To bring out parts that are carefully engineered with the best material for the application. To increase performance to the next level.

Benjamin Lee


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